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Hello!:) I'm Dune Moss! Ever since I was little, I knew there was something magical inside of me. I made homes for fairies, and dreamt I was a fairy, which one day lead to me to believing I was a fairy! As I grow more and more I realize that our reality is much more magical than we give it credit to. I also realized that I myself am magical, and have a deep passion for creating music that transports your spirit to its element.

I am most often found barefoot soaking up the sunshine, and the dirt of our Mother Earth. I am a heavily sensitive and connected person and most often I find my inspirations come from The Universe and my journey in seeking out balance as seen in nature.

I grew up in a highly creative home and because of that I was lead to eventually singing, playing accordion, then writing music! My musical inspirations come from early childhood memories of my Mother playing her playlist titled "majikal" where on it was exactly as described, magical songs! It consisted of mostly movie soundtracks and songs that made you feel bigger and more creative than you could on your own. This lead me to want to do the same thing, and make music that made me feel the way I did as a young girl, a magical fairy! 


In 2019, I married Grayson O'Very, who is my absolute favorite person on earth, and all the galaxies (don't worry I even checked). Together, we both have our individual musical journeys that we embark on side by side daily! He is a songwriting artist, and music producer, making alternative pop sounds with a killer voice, fantastic piano, and producing skills! Although we have very different styles, we in return create a beautiful dinamic of differences together!

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