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Moss Vocal Community

Whether you've only sung in the safety of your shower, or on the big stage, 
Moss Vocal Community is a place for you to feel safe in expressing your voice.


Lessons are taught over Zoom where we will have weekly lessons! Community is VITAL for our growth, that's why I offer group lessons on the last week of every month. In these group lessons you'll get to know and hear the voices of the Community and also share your own voice!

p.s if reading that makes you nervous, like, SO nervous, you're in the right place... Trust me!

Let's Talk!!

 Send me a text so we can set up a time to call! If you're unsure about lessons I'd love to chat and see how I can help you because this is about YOU! So if lessons aren't for you, then that's 100% fine. Can't wait to meet you and hear your story!

Voice Lessons

Why I Teach

Over the course of my career, I have come to learn that singing is one of the most vulnerable activities we can take part in. It's not always as easy as people make it out to be! Our bodies are our instrument! Our physical and emotional state heavily influence the way we sing. 


As your teacher, I will be here to help you learn and grow vocally, but most of all I will be here to show you that it is worth it to believe in yourself! Singing is unlike any other instrument, you will learn to

connect to your emotions, and use your imagination to grow vocally! One of my very favorite parts of teaching is being able to see my students gain confidence in their unique voice, and themself as an individual! 


What To Expect In Voice Lesson 

For our lessons, we will start off talking about your goals as a singer and what you want to do, and accomplish with your voice! We will then proceed to go over different facts about your voice to give you insights to how your voice works! Then, we will choose a song for you to sing, one that you love and that will also push you towards your growth!

One of my favorite topics to get to is performance! I have a deep passion in helping you to learn the skills you need to perform with confidence and passion! 

I also have an app I use with all of my students to communicate, and give weekly notes and vocal warm-ups so that you have all you need to practice!

These lessons are about YOU! Not me, not the people around you, but yourself! I will the best I can to make sure you are proud of yourself! 


Songwriting Mentor

Why I Mentor

Songwriting is my number one favorite thing to do. I am a highly creative person and being able to write a song, and watch it come alive is a beautiful process! 

As I have paved my songwriting path I have come to see (similar to voice) that everything is connected! It is highly important to be able to physically and emotionally connected in order to be a great artist! 

As your Mentor, I will be a person you can trust to share all of your ideas and creations with! I know how scary it can be to start, or continue to write and share what you love. For me, I wouldn't be where I am today without the guidance of the many mentors I've had throughout my life! And thats why in return I am a mentor for other artists looking for further growth! 


What To Expect In Our Lessons

In our lessons we will start off by getting to know each other! I will ask you all about your goals and dreams as a songwriting artist! Throughout our lessons we will go over different topics to strengthen your writing skills in all areas. It all comes down to you allowing yourself to be creative and have fun with it! Each student will be on their own unique path towards their own unique success! I am here to be a guide, and to help give you other connections! We will also dive into social media and effective ways for you to gain a following, and share your music in a way that resonates with you!


I also have an app I use with all of my students to communicate, and give weekly notes of topics and ideas we discuss during lesson time so that you have all you need to work on your artistry at home!

These lessons are about YOU! Not me, not the people around you, but yourself! I will the best I can to make sure you are proud of yourself, and your unique progression! 

Song Writing



I have been a part of several different recording projects for artists locally, and around the world. If you have a project you would like me to sing on, I'd love to join on! I can sing lead vocals, backup harmonies, or duet any song you have in the works! 



Same with recording, I have worked on many different writing projects. There are many different ways to go about these projects so if you want to collab we can go over the details of your song/project!


I offer 30 minute lessons that take place weekly

30 minutes = $40




I believe it is highly important to set expectations for our lessons from the start. Each student is expected to follow these guidelines. I am open to help out in any way I can to suit the needs of each and every student to have the experience they want and need!

Please read ALL of the policies below before you sign up for lessons! Thank you!



Each student will plan out practice time to best suit your goals and schedule. As obvious as it sounds, your progression all depends upon if you are willing to practice! I'm not looking for you to spend hours and hours a day, in fact, just 10 minuets a few times a week is great! Above all, I want your voice, or songwriting to be something you love, rather than seeing you burn out in the first week! So, with that being said, you will choose how much time you would like for practice!



Students who get sick, injured, or have an emergency can have a make-up lesson without paying extra. Students who accidentally plan other engagements over lesson time, or forgotten lessons will not be made up for and we will resume lessons the following week without a refund of that lessons time and money spent. 



If you arrive late to the lesson, you will only be guaranteed the rest of your lesson time.



I require that you pay for all your lessons the 1st of every month. I only accept payments through Venmo. I require payment at the beginning of the month to ensure that student feels the responsibility to make each lesson.


If you fail to complete the Venmo request sent to your account by the 1st of the month, you will be charged on the 3rd of the month, $4 per day that passes without the completion of the required payment.


The last Tuesday of each month is when Group Lessons occur. Group Lessons replace our private lesson for the week of group lessons. We will not have our normal lesson time that week, only the group lesson. Group lessons are mandatory, and if you cannot attend the group you will still be charged unless you give notice that you cannot attend by the end of the day on the 1st of the month when the group lesson sign up sheet is sent out. You are required to sign the group lesson form whether you are able to attend or not.

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