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You must be wondering what "Fairy Coins" are... Well Dear Sprout, let me explain!

Fairy Coins are a magical currency that gives you discounts, special offers, free merch, etc.

50 Fairy Coins  = ​

***choose one offer below

  •  10% off any merch item

  • Free stickers when you order any merch item 

100 Fairy Coins = 

***choose one offer below

  • Free Sticker, Handwritten Lyrics to any one of my songs & Fairy Notes (song meaning) when you order any item off of my merch store! 

  • 20% off any merch item

350 Fairy Coins = 

  • One FREE item from my merch store!! Only thing you pay for is shipping! 

500 Fairy Coins = 

  • Two FREE items from my merch store!!!! Only thing you pay for is shipping! 


Well, well, well, I'm glad you ask...! Currently, there are 5 different ways to collect Fairy Coins! 


1 Fairy Coin: 

All you have to do is comment on my posts! Only comments from the first Fairy Post (Posted add date here) ***ALL posts before this exact post WONT count as a Fairy Coin! Every comment counts as 1 coin!! (and yes, you can comment as many times on one post as you want ;)


5 Fairy Coins: 

Re-Share ANY of my posts on your story! (past present or future) ***Make sure to tag me so I can count the coin for you!:)


10 Fairy Coins: 

Subscribe to my Email list then DM me a screenshot of the screen after you subscribe so I can count the coins for you!


15 Fairy Coins:

DM my music, (or a video from my soical media) to someone you think would like my music and be a fairy, hobbit, elf, or any magical creature and run through meadows and forests! ***Make sure they listen to the song/video and when they do send me a screenshot of the convo so i can count the coins!!


30 Fairy Coins: 

Come in person, or online to any live show of mine! ***Take a (short or long) video/picture of the performance & share to your story! Make sure to tag me so i can count the coins for you!



 I want to create a Magical community, one where all of the Fairies, Hobbits, Elfs, and any other creature can run through the forests and meadows (preferably barefoot ;) and together we create MAGIC. 


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